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Cav16 are the sole UK agents to Dorfbrunnen Garage; Switzerland
Designated OPEL specialist repairer of Vectra/Cavalier/Calibra 4x4 Transfer Boxes

Cavalier/Calibra 4x4 Transfer Box Reconditioning

Cav16 ONLY supplies recently manufactured Original Equipment Manufacture' (OEM) Accumulator bulbs, no other cheaper variants are recommended.
Cav16 delivers new Accumulator Bulbs for £119.99 (UK)

Beware of CHEAPER 'reconditioned' transfer boxes.
  • Each reconditioned transfer box:
    • - is reconditioned to the original manufacturer's ex-factory specification using the original manufacturer's tooling. (Daimler Styer Puch - Austria)
      • No other UK repairer has the ability to repair to this standard.

    • -and supplied with individual Performance Graphs of the final computerised acceleration & de-acceleration noise tests. These are critical to any crown wheel and pinion assembly and are a demonstration to the Customer of the Quality of the repair. They prove the box operates within the original manufactures specification.

    • together with a graph of the Viscous Coupling temperature under load test. The coupling is critical to the transfer box and has to operate within the original manufacturers specification. This is to ensure the correct drive is delivered to the rear wheels and does not strain the transfer box.

    • No other UK repairer has the ability to test and/or recondition these assemblies.

    • - and finally with a signed Dorfbrunnen conditional warranty document, which is valid for TWO YEARS of UNLIMITED mileage.
      • No other UK repairer offers such a warranty and it reflects the Quality standards employed by Dorfbrunnen.
      • No second hand parts from other transfer boxes are used in the Dorfbrunnen process, and if a part requires replacement, it is replaced with an authentic brand new part.
      • No other UK repairer has access to NEW crown wheel and pinion assemblies etc.

  • Dorfbrunnen have been trading since 1994 and Cav16 have been the UK agents since 2001.
  • Cav16 have never returned a transfer box under warranty. - i.e. - No warranty claims.
  • Cav16 has no use for second hand transfer boxes and does not purchase them.
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    • Readers may be interested in an article on the 4x4 Transfer Box, from Cav16, and published
      in the June 2002 issue of 'TOTAL VAUXHALL'
    The Cav16 Quality Statement - All replacement parts used in reconditioning GM/OPEL 4x4 Transfer Boxes, are authentic and brand new. They are produced by Dorfbrunnen Garage, using the original manufacturer's tooling and/or technical drawings. No other second-hand parts are used as replacements. (Not even genuine Vauxhall second hand parts).

    The Cav16 Service Statement - Cav16 'says what it does' and 'does what it says'.
    Contacting Cav16: Tel: 01 223 858098 UK or +34 928 83 41 35 UK

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