Vauxhall Cavalier/Calibra 4x4
Accumulator Bulb
  • The Accumulator Bulb is an essential part of the 4x4 control system for the 1989-1997 Vauxhall Cavalier/Calibra/Vectra A 4x4 range of cars - (all models)

  • The bulbs on offer are BRAND NEW, and from the manufacturer of the original equipment for the GM 4x4 system (OEM). It is guaranteed OEM and NOT any of the cheaper alternatives. The item is no longer available from GM dealerships.

  • A faulty bulb can damage the 4x4 transfer box leading to a very expensive repair.
  • Accumulator bulbs have a shelf life of ten years and a service life of the earlier of 6 years or 54000 miles (86000Km). If you are not sure about your bulb, you should seriously consider changing it.

  • The bulb is supplied with full fitting instructions and an authentication label. This should be attached to the bulb after fitting. GM supplied bulbs had a white ring round the neck of the bulb to discriminate them from a GM 1992 faulty product recall. This bulb does not have a white ring because it is supplied direct from the manufacturer. Other than that it is absolutely identical.

  • Recorded delivery will be by Royal Mail/Parceforce free to the UK mainland.

  • International rates are quoted elsewhere in this advertisment.
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September 14, 2017