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Cav16 are the sole UK agents to Dorfbrunnen Garage; Switzerland - Designated OPEL specialist repairer of
Vectra/Cavalier/Calibra 4x4 Transfer Boxes and Power Steering Racks
Things to consider when thinking about
Purchasing a "Reconditioned" Transfer Box.

Cav16 is proud to be associated with the highest Quality GM/OPEL
transfer box reconditioning service, as provided by Dorfbrunnen Garage of Switzerland.


  • "Reconditioned" means all things to all people, be careful.

  • There are operations in the UK that will claim to use brand new parts, what you are unlikely to see is that fact written or displayed anywhere.

  • There are operations in the UK that claim to use 'Genuine Vauxhall Parts', and they will tell you so. What they do not say is 'Brand new Genuine Vauxhall Parts', and if they do, you will not see that displayed or in writing anywhere.
  • Vauxhall have never made new parts available for the transfer box, it is a disposable item that costs £2700 to purchase off the shelf, in Germany, via your local main dealer.
    • If you were to purchase a brand new transfer box from GM, the chances are that it will have been factory assembled by Dorfbrunnen in Switzerland, using the original manufacture's tooling.

  • Ask yourself why these other operations purchase secondhand transfer boxes, the simple answer is that the parts inside can be used to make up a box to sell on.

  • The transfer box contains a crown wheel and pinion set. If the float and pre-load is not set correctly the box will either be too sloppy or too tight. Either way it would fail the Dorfbrunnen final load tests. Its like running around with a potentially faulty rear axle.
    • No-one in the UK has access to brand new crown wheel and pinion sets, what ever they say, and again not written.

  • The most critical element of the transfer box is the Viscous Coupling, despite any claims made, no-one in the UK has the ability to set these up to the manufacturers Spec., to deliver the correct drive to the rear wheels. An incorrectly set VC will either provide too little drive to the rear wheels of too much.

  • Think very carefully before entertaining a 'fixed' transfer box. GM/OPEL designed it to revert to 2WD when the brakes are applied at speeds over 16 mph for safety reasons. Cav16 do not supply, or subscribe to this type of transfer box.

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