This is a picture of a rebuilt Transfer Box to Dorfbrunnen Standard
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Cav16 are the sole UK agents to Dorfbrunnen Garage; Switzerland - Designated OPEL specialist repairer of
Vectra/Cavalier/Calibra 4x4 Transfer Boxes and Power Steering Racks.
Transfer Box Price List (1)

Reconditioned Transfer Boxes and Sports Boxes


+ Round trip Carriage is charged in addition to prices shown here.
+ There is a returnable charge of £100.00 against
the old serviceable transfer box and special packaging.
+ UK prices are subject to currency fluctuations
+ Last check was on 29th May 2010

Transfer Box - Complete overhaul - (Exchange)

+ Pressure ring and seal
+ Pressure ring housing
+ all gaskets and seals
+ all bearings
+ clutch disk plate assembly
+ viscous coupling overhaul
+ new ring gear and bevel wheel assembly
+ Crown wheel & pinion assembly's





Sports Transfer Box (S-VG) - (Exchange)

+ Reconditioned asabove
+ Viscous coupling customized for high power engines (max. 300 bhp) - Viscous coupling torque adjusted to a maximum of 180 Nm from the 90 Nm turbo standard, as measured at the prop shaft.

+ Compare the Rolling Road performance graphs to see the differance between a Standard Dorfbrunnen Turbo Transfer box & the Dorfbrunnen 'Sportsbox'



(An additional returnable deposit of £100.00 is charged against the return of the
exchanged transfer box, the pressure test kit and all packaging)
  • Why would you want to pay someone else £2000 plus?
  • If you cannot get a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty, why would you want to pay someone else less?






January 14, 2018