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Cav16 are the sole UK agents to Dorfbrunnen Garage; Switzerland - Designated OPEL specialist repairer of
Vectra/Cavalier/Calibra 4x4 Transfer Boxes and Power Steering Racks.
The Transfer Box Conditional Warranty
Other Goods Warranty & Returns
Workshop Manual
  • 2-year warranty for replacement of any faulty parts on a return to base basis.
  • 1 year warranty for replaced parts, and labour for all other products & services.
  • Dorfbrunnen state there have been no warranty returns in 1000+ transfer boxes repaired.
  • In the event of a return under warranty, the agent will arrange all carriage which is paid for by the Customer.


  • All reconditioned or modified transfer boxes, supplied by 'Dorfbrunnen', are lead sealed.
    If the lead seal is damaged or removed the warranty will be void.

The Transfer Box can be adversely affected by the following items which are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle. Any of the following will void the warranty:

  1. If the transfer box is operated without the specified synthetic Oil OPEL/Vauxhall/Holden - Part No: 1940703 / 90443530. - (600 ml)

  2. If any other than the original OPEL/Vauxhall/Holden oil has been used.

  3. If the tyres on the front and the rear axles are not of the same brand, type, size & rating.

  4. If the difference between the tread depth of any two tyres is more then 2 mm, and/or the difference in circumference exceeds 15 mm.

  5. If the rims on the front and the rear axle are not of the same brand, type and dimensions, or if they have anything other than the standard offset.

  6. If the car has been lowered and operated with the camber angles outside the camber values stated in the OPEL/Vauxhall/ Holden handbook. (Vectra/Cavalier: -2 +/-40' and Calibra -217' +/-40')

  7. If the hydraulic pressure accumulator bulb has not been upgraded. A new Vauxhall/OPEL accumulator bulb has a broad white ring.

  8. If the pressure accumulator bulb is older than 6 years or has exceeded 54'000 miles / 90'000 km in use.

  9. If the spare wheel has not been used in accordance with handbook. i.e. It has been driven at more than 50MPH / 80 km/h and/or without first removing fuse No. 19).

  10. If the power output of the engine has been increased without upgrading the viscous coupling.

  11. If the vehicle has been used for any Racing.

  12. If the hydraulic pressure is outside the working limits of 53 bar +/- 5 bar, as measured at the accumulator control block.

  13. If the 'Dorfbrunnen' lead seal is damaged or removed.

Please note this page is reproduced from the Dorfbrunnen German document which is the authoritative warranty.




All other Goods Supplied by Cav16
  • Cav16 Warrants that all other goods supplied, which were defective at manufacture, will be replaced or the defective parts replaced, as is most appropiate.
  • As Cav16 supplies all it's goods for fitting by the Customer, or there agent, Cav16 will not be responsible for any consequential damage. We will always endeavour to help but charges may be incurred.
  • Any refunds, which unless agreed, will not include postage/carriage charges incurred by Cav16. If the original charge was by card, there will be a 5% charge to cover the charges.made by the card company to Cav16.






September 13, 2017